Creative direction & STRATEGY

We believe that balancing imagination and implementation is the foundation of creative success. We deliver results that satisfy both creative concept and business strategy. We work closely with our clients to build a path towards innovation, brand awareness, and return on investment.


la prairie

We have had over a decade long relationship with La Prairie, working on a wide range of creative for the prestigious brand. In 2015, we led the creative strategy behind La Prairie’s Luxury of Choice Skin Caviar campaign. This resulted in an award-winning seamless cross-channel relaunch of the most iconic product for the brand through print and digital advertising, video, visual merchandising, public relations, launch activations and e-commerce.



For Samsung, we procured and directed a team of photographers, videographers, designers, and stylists to collaborate and create compelling brand campaign visuals for global advertising use. Our approach was smart production - maximizing content assets from each shoot for multi-channel reach.

We meticulously planned end-to-end production: recruitment of production crew for still and video shoots, location scouting, casting, wardrobe styling, set design, prop styling, and budget management.

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paypal CASH ‘N BACK

Gaudrey worked with United Entertainment Group and Edelman San Francisco to come up with the ideas around the launch of the PayPal 2% Cashback Mastercard. We worked closely with the Edelman SF team to bring the messaging to life. Once the ideation phase was complete, we worked together with United Entertainment Group to produce the event. We worked with various productions partners to design and build the elements. Our team of stylists and set designers were on site to install, style and strike the event.

For the launch of the PayPal 2% Cashback Mastercard, we reimagined a New York convenience store to create an unexpected and bespoke brand experience tailored to the unique preferences of our audience ...all in service of the perfect selfie.